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Much is the art of words; both unspoken and said, but more powerful still are words made of ink and paper. I write quotes/stories/poems. I AM JENNA; THE SMALL BIRD.

“Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you an ice cream, and that’s close enough.”

—   Anonymous

Don't push the-!!!

BIG RED BUTTON! This website is addictive… you just have to keep pushing that button!

Gotta get some bacon!

This is such a weird trick: just put any website on the end of and see what happens! Click on the link to see this website in bacon-mode.

40 hour famine

This year, me and a couple of friends decided to do something real.

We are helping World Vision to raise money for those who wake up hungry, who go to sleep hungry, who spend all day with an empty stomach.

How do we help? By doing just that.

For 40 hours, we will experience what it would be like to have nothing to eat. But you don’t have to give up food; you can give up transport, technology, eye sight, furniture, etc.

Here is my Famine Profile…

Go on, do something real!

I am kinda obsessed with ‘sweet’ dresses at the moment, so Im just looking at random websites, hoping to find some beautiful ones…

These four are from the website above, and they truly are gorgeous!


This online shop breathes vintage at every opportunity! I love the quirky style that this site has- the blouses are gorgeous.

Miss Anthropist's Kitchen

So many yummy inventions and recipes to make your mouth water… even a recipe to make butterbeer cookies! (watch out, Potterheads!)

Hank & Hunt

A cute little DIY site; helping people to weave craft into their parties and functions!

I love the bunting ideas….

“Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.
Yesterday is the today we will ponder tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the yesterday we will see in time.
Today is a yesterday we will discover tomorrow.”


Jenna Carmichael

I have no idea what inspired me to write this, just an idea in my head, I guess…

The Rarest Thing


Mum, what's the rarest thing on Earth?




No, seriously, Mum.


Google it.

10 minutes later...






The rarest thing on Earth is astatine.




There's less than 30 grams of it on Earth! Can you belive that?


Yeah, that sure is amazing, honey...


Can we go looking for astatine? Theres a shovel in the backyard....


*Hand to forehead*

I want to ride my bike. by some-kind-of-vintage-photo on polyvore.comPrintable Newspaper Background 12 x 12 Download
Thought this print was kinda cool…

Thought this print was kinda cool…

(Source: allthingsstylish, via fossil)

Such a solemn tune- one that I am in love with, to tell the truth.

Angus and Julia Stone’s Hold On.

The Pogues! Love you till the end…

Stuck in my head at the moment, and an incredibly sweet song, and all I can say…

Saw this song performed at Falls- Amazing!

Young Blood by The Naked and Famous.